SpeciesRaveen Kat
(Savage / Sacrificial)
Birth PrideBloodied Altar
Element Powers Soul-reading, Instant Healing (flesh-wounds only), Infinite Telekinesis
Scion Powers Shade Awareness & Sensory (can sense Shades, Shade Corruption and Shade influence in others), Enemy Sense (Plague, Abyss, Central, Belief, Varishi, and individuals of Astralis Descent/Origin will inspire Rage in the Scion when they look upon them), Soul Burn (touch can burn out the energies/life force of those who ping as an Enemy/Shade Corrupted), Immunity to Shade Corruption, Immunity to Corruption, Immunity to Purification, Immunity to Morality Altering Powers/Abilities, Immunity to Thralls/Hypnosis, Aura is protected by Patron God.
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Born under the Eclipse, from which a long-standing curse has caused many Inner Dimensionals great turmoil through the centuries. Something different happened this Eclipse which caused not only Inner Dimensionals to be touched by its effects, but those of Mystic and Demon origin to also be influenced by its magic. Where the cubs would, in previous Eclipse years, be taken away from their Mothers just hours after being born, they were instead seemingly left alone. No magic appeared to spirit them away, and the curse of Rekura did not mark them with glowing symbols. There was something different about them, but whatever it was, was not a Shade's lingering Curse.

After being born the cubs were marked with a glowing aura that floated above their shoulders, and shimmered with a symbol that only a few might have recognized as the symbol of their God. Those with multiply Order origins would have carried the shadows of multiple God Symbols. The Symbols remained visible for the course of a single day, before they shifted and bloomed into an Idol that floated over the shoulders. These Idols give off a Divine Aura, one which inspires awe in others.

Their Elemental Mutations are minor afflictions that remain quarantined to a single front leg. Touches of magic unique to the individual flow around the limb, a physical whisper of the magic that has infused their life-force with power.

His Elemental Mutation takes on the form of a bloody, dripping, mess of muscle tissue and bone. Long, curving invulnerable bone claws jut out from the fleshy mess, which drip with blood that is full of contagions. Coming into contact with this blood can cause delirium, sickness, and a slow-building disease that causes one's physical body to be overtaken by demonic corruption. He has full control over who is and who isn't affected by his mutation's cruel touch.

As a Scion, they cannot act against their Patron. The goals their Patron gives them are their driving Purpose, and they are incapable of conspiring against them or seeking to sabotage or otherwise derail them. The thoughts will not even cross their mind, as they will view their Patrons as infallible. Others who share negative or vile opinions of a Scion's Patron will be seen as enemies, and marked as unworthy of their trust and protection.

Due to the nature of their Calling, the Scions cannot divulge what their purpose or quests are to others who are not also Scions. If they try to share the knowledge with unproven outsiders, the words will be Silenced before they're spoken.


Born in the realm his birth-mother claims as home, the weakness of his young body forced him to remain docile and present in a realm that caused his skin to itch. There was a call - a need - to get somewhere, but his age and size kept him confined. When he was mature enough to leave, he followed the call that sung in his veins, seeking out the destiny that he'd taught about.

From the first night of his birth his dreams would bring him into an dreamscape not his own. It was a dark, shadowed, cave where the walls were covered with stretches of obsidian exoskeletons that shifted and hissed, though it was impossible to tell what they were. Skulls hung from the cave's ceiling, next to the stalactites that grew above him. Though the cave had a sense of threat to it, he never felt as if that threat was aimed at him.

In the shadows of the cave he'd been watched by another. A hulking entity that, at first, had been nothing more than a flash of teeth and glowing red eyes. "A little Scion of my own," he'd said, drawing forward into the dim light the cave offered. A strange creature with the upper body of an antromorphic wolf, and a lower winged body that was half wolf and half something else. Demon was the word that swam around his brain, though he could not say if he'd found the answer himself, or if that knowledge had been foreign. "I am Rekshanuu, the God whose blessing you've come to collect."

Rekshanuu spoke in a voice that echoed around the cave, but his lips never moved from an unsettling smile. He told the Scion of a threat that sought to exterminate everything living within their Order, of how as a Scion he was among a small number of champions who had been given the means - and purpose - to stand against the threat. Of how he was Chosen, and called to the aid of the Gods who had, for so many centuries, been silenced by a curse from the Shades. Rekshanuu told him that the Shades were set to move forward with the total invasion of their Dimensions, and that if they were allowed to invade, it would mean the demise of everything and everyone in all the Dimensions.

As a Scion, it was his destiny to stop that from happening.

Rekshanuu pushed him to learn to fight, to be worthy of being called his Scion. He offered nothing to make it easy; pushing him both mentally and physically to the point of breaking, because his enemies would not show him care or mercy.

Everything they are taught by their Patron in their dreams are practised in the waking world. Fighting stances, movements, meditations, all carry over into the day where the Scions seek to master what they've learned. They are still young in existence, and are just being met with the opportunity to master and test their skills in a real-world setting.

Two weeks have passed since the Scion was born, and now the call of the Gods drives them to seek passage back to the Inner Dimension. As Outrealm portals can only be open in the Thunder Plateau, that will be the first place they arrive.

Once within the Inner Dimension, they will a feel a pull toward other Scions, which will help them to find and gather together. But the strongest pull will seek to lead them out of the Plateau, and towards the North of Orcle's Isle.

NotesStanding is the rank the Scion holds with their Patron God, while the proficiency is the style and focus of the magics they're learning. At Initiate level they're just starting out their journey and only know basic, low-level, spells. As they increase their Standing they'll gain additional Divine Spells, skills, and evolutions to their God Idols. Divine Spells are magics that cannot be blocked except by other Divine Spells or defensive Godblades. Cantrips can be cast an unlimited number of ties, and do not draw from the energy of the caster. All other spell types have a specific number of casts within a 24hr period. Spells are unique to the Proficiency of the Scion, and cannot be taught to those who walk a different Proficieny path. The Proficiency path of the Overwatch is focused on area control and defensive support.
Divine Spells Field of View (Cantrip) - Provides a temporary bird's eye view of the area the caster is in. Hidden individuals are revealed to the caster, and magic items or spellwork are temporarily cast in a violet glow to the caster's eyes.

Sentinel's Watch (2 uses per 24hr period) - Casts an area of effect around a targeted ally, surrounding them in an barrier with a five-foot radius that temporarily blocks all incoming attacks (both magical and physical). Barrier only activates when an attack is used against the target, and barrier remains active for five minutes. Cannot self-target, and cannot target the same ally within a 24hr window.