SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideVengeful Souls
PrideBloodied Altar
Night Vision (Perfect)
Telekinesis (Infinite)
Abilities Rain Of Death - The sky overhead instantly darkens as clouds of red gather, within seconds red rain begins to fall from the sky. This rain is very acidic to any targets, and will actually melt away all flesh from bone within a minute.

Gore - Wounds would begin to appear on the target, deep gashes and clean holes right through its flesh, caused by some unseen force. It's up to the user how much damage will be done.

No Escape - Spikes, thousands of spikes, appear in the areas around the targets as they come flying at them in a sort of reverse ring-wave. These spikes will impale any hit, doing a lot of devasting damage.

OriginBattle Prides
Notes The five spikes along the back of Slayer's neck are made of bone, but have sharpened to the point where a simple touch could cause serious damage. His eyes are orange on black, and he has three earrings in his left ear while he has only one in the other.
Around his back left leg he has two 'belts' where he carries some of his most prized trophies. On the black and gray belt he has teeth hanging - he pulled these out of his victims' skulls after his victories, so as to remember them, and make sure they never forgot him should they be revived. On the blood-red belt there are actually Raveen irises. Another trophy of sorts, he takes from his kills, which requires a lot of skill on his part, as he has to carve out the eyes and then stick the irises on that belt without damaging them. He has one from each victim whose eyes he liked. He's a bit messed up in that sense - if he likes something of his opponent's, he'll take it, similar to how his mother takes hearts, eyes, and teeth.
Slayer's mother, Bazruu'Da, is the daughter of Aakuu'Da, the Demon Dishonored. However, Aakuu'Da abandoned Bazruu'Da when she was an infant, so she grew up somewhat feral. Therefore, Slayer's father actually did most of the parenting - teaching him how to fight, how to survive, all the basics. Of course, though, Dishonored don't care much for family ties.
Slayer has a strange bit of honor, in that he will finish what he starts. Anyone who enters battle with him will either have to be killed, or kill him to survive, as Slayer will not retreat, no matter how bad things look. He can handle himself excellently in battle, and has actually only fought one Kat who was his equal in skill - though the way he met this Raveen wasn't ideal at all.
Once, long ago, Slayer trespassed into a highly sacred area, and the area's protector attacked him. This protector was Kokuuoni, an expert fighter. Slayer's scars are actually from Kokuuoni, and no other. When the Dishonored die, they're ressurrected in a new body which carries all the features they had in life, so when Slayer fights to death, he's reborn scar-free, since he doesn't have to live with the wounds gained from battle. The scars he has are there because the battle with Kokuuoni was never finished. This was due to a natural disaster which caused the two to break up their fight, although honestly both didn't want to - the ground beneath them caved in, and Slayer was sent to the world beneath while Kokuuoni wasn't. So their battle was cut short and Slayerwas forced to carry the scars he gained.
To this day Slayer still waits for a rematch, but for now he's content enough to just randomly kill those weaker than he for sport.

MeaningFlying Dragon
AbilityExplosive Flame
NotesHiryuu's ability sets loose a small whirlwind of black and purple flames which will explode on contact with a target. Even though this comes from a Mimic it does a lot of damage, in the sense where a small amount of explosive flame could blow a large chunk of flesh in to oblivion.
Hiryuu has a major mutation - his body type. Unlike other Mimics, his body is long, sleek and serpent-like, and he has four short legs. He actually resembles a very small oriental dragon. The right side of his face and shoulder area is purple-gray in coloration and he has small spikes over his right eye and sticking out of his shoulder, much like a Demon Kat would have.