SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideNone
PowersSoul-Reading, Self-Healing (Instant), Tail Blades
Notes [ Danube's original notes were lost in the 4th Upheaval. Paraphrased from Kaluutika's notes: ] "( Danube ) is a mix between a Dishonored and a Child of Orcle. She does not fit in with either of the two groups, and has a tendency to be self-destructive. Her soul is full of conflict.

"Thanks to the mental traits of both parents, she has multiple personalities. While the exact number of them is impossible to gauge, there are five dominant personalities and several lesser ones. One of the personalities is very much like that of a Child of Orcle, while another is primarily Dishonored in nature. The third of the five is harmless and mostly shy, the fourth is overly arrogant, and the fifth is one that can almost pass for normal. The lesser personalities are generally random. None of these personalities are truly dominant, and none stay in control for more than twelve hours at a time. She can shift personalities at any time, without warning and without desiring it. None of the personalities are aware of each other."

Danube has come a long way. She started out mentally and emotionally shattered, hateful and angry; she is still in the process of figuring it all out, but has recently come to accept that her mother's mental state was no one's fault, especially not her father's, and that a life filled with nothing but spite and hatred is awfully empty. Kaluutika's obliteration and subsequent return has reminded her that life for Raveen Kats can be far too short and without meaning. It's high time she stopped obsessing over the past and things she can't change, and focusing on what the new day brings.

As part of her spritual growth, guided by her moirail Zahrat, one of the exercises given to Danube in being patient and staying calm was just taking care of a small succulent like the ones Zahrat wears as an adornment, but smaller. After all, you can't rush a plant or change its nature - only nurture it to grow.
OriginBattle Prides
ImagesOriginal Danube