SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideNone
PrideProtector's Oath
Crimson Lightning
Molecular Manipulation
Ability Immunity (Water, Electricity & Fire)
Abilities Chaos Wave - A wave of hail followed by fire, rocks and a tornado.

Chaos Shield - A shield of fire which in turn can be turned into a cage.

Ultimate Struggle - A huge storm of ice, fire, rocks, electricity, and tornadoes. An ultimate ability as it causes much damage, can result in death.

OriginBattle Prides
ImagesYoung Ikaruushi
Notes Ikaruushi was born on the day of the Eclipse, faced his demon, and returned triumphant. His elemental mutation is the red lightning energy and crimson dust clouds found in place of his mane and tail tuft. He can control the intensity of the lightning, with a touch rendering a target paralyzed, stunned, unharmed, or dead, depending on his desires. Ikaruushi can manipulate molecules within a 500ft. radius of himself, making them highly explosive - allowing him to cause an area nearby to come to life with electrical explosions. These explosions can be light, used just as distractions, or can be deadly in a case where a huge cluster is exploded and obliterates everything around them. Ikaruushi must be careful when doing this however, as he has no immunity to these explosions, just because he creates them.
Much like his mother, he has something of a personality split, moving between prideful and arrogant, and seriously disturbed and destructive. The former is the more dominate of the two, though when pushed far enough, her other side takes over. He has a single bone earring in both ears, as well as a few scars.
His mother is Mayakashi, the first female Battle Master, and his father is Itakuuris, the first Battle Master of the Chaos element. Ikaruushi comes from a very proud lineage. As both his parents were Battle Masters, Ikaruushi can fight very well, and is an incredible opponent.