Birth CourtCourt of Thorns
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OriginBattle Prides
Notes A Mage Tawl who was born into the Court of Thorns, a Court primarily made up of the chosen Champions of Mauk (a Divine Tawl). Her parents are among the Champions that those seeking to win Mauk's Tournament must defeat in battle. Though her parents are considerably relatively high ranked, she herself has not yet earned such a high status as she hasn't proven herself in a Tournament on her own.

One advantage of growing up with Champions for parents, however, means that she's been trained for battle from a young age. Even being a Mage, she is talented in melee combat and an expert at using her sickle and chain-like weapon.

As a Mage she severed her ties with the elements (air, water, earth, fire) in order to pursue the school of blood magic. Because blood magic falls under the category of malediction magics, it requires a price to use and she must use her own blood - or the spilled blood of her opponents - to power the magic. She can curse the blood, turning it into throwing needles that poison and drain the energy of those hit by them. She can cast entropy on others; causing their power levels to drain drastically, preventing them from using their own magics.

If blood equal to the size of a creature is spilled, she can use that blood to take momentary control over the creature - forcing it's body to perform like a puppet for her. When she's greatly wounded, she can use her own blood to heal and restore her wounds.

She can only manipulate and cast magic upon blood that is real blood - so blood that is something else (ie; water for blood) cannot be affected by her magic.