SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideWild
Powers Soul-reading, Terramancy, Teleportation (disappears/reforms as silver leaves), Perfect Nightvision, Aura Vision, Calming Aura, Poison/Toxin Immunity, Poisonous Blood
Notes Born with naturally-growing plants on their body, Wreath Kats are often confused for being some kind of Earth Element with an Elemental Mutation. At a glance they could surely pass as such, but a more lingering look will easily identify them as not being of the Earth pool of Elements. Wreath Kats have leaves on their body that are always alive, and are a part of their bodies. The leaves do not change colour with the season, nor do they freeze in the cold. The plants are very resilient to damage, and any leaves that are torn off or burnt will grow back fairly quickly.

She has a full wreath growing around her neck and shoulders, which is a trait usually only seen in male Wreath Kats. Her tail lacks the usually growth of red mistletoe, which may or may not be caused by the same mutation.

Above her right paw she wears a bracelet which holds an old stone amulet which has been passed down through her family bloodline for generations. It was entrusted to her by her great-great-great-some odd-Grandmother, and it will continue to be hers until she's very old and decides to pass it on to someone younger in her family. The stone amulet was given to an old Christmas ancestor who was a Child of the Orcle. It was a gift from Orcle herself, and has the power to cleanse any poison with just a touch, but it's powers can only be used once a day.

She can create a Calming Aura around herself that causes those nearby to feel a rush of calm; it'll persuade others from violent action, and create a temporary sense of calm in all those near her.

Her blood is a shimmery gold, and is very poisonous - if any eats or drinks it they'll end up feeling very sick for a couple of hours. Her blood isn't as toxic as other Wreath Kats.

All Christmas Elements of present day are immune to all effects of dark-aligned Elements, including the Halloween Elements. They are immune to having their natures corrupted, their minds altered, or their Auras messed with. This protection is what's called the "Prosperity Aura".
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