SpeciesRaveen Kat
(The Dishonoured)
FatherNone (Created, not Born)
MotherNone (Created, not Born)
Birth PrideNone
Levitation/Wingless Flight
Memory Flashes and Dreams
Resurrection (Endless)
Dark Empathy (can inspire negative thoughts/feelings in others)
Dazing Scream
Notes Saga is a Central Element that only recently came into being. Created by whoever sits on the Central Throne now, they seemed to have been made with the purpose of understanding and learning about events that changed other worlds. Each Kat of this Element has a starry multi-hued body, that glows with an ethereal blue edge. They have traits, markings, heights, and powers that differ depending on the events they're themed around. Saga Kats, if wounded, have glowing violet blood that causes delusions and hallucinations in anyone who comes into contact with it, and worsening effects for those who try to drink it.

Created with the events of the Demon Dimension's lingering quest for revenge, he is a Saga Kat who has traits and memories that are a callback to those days so many centuries ago. He has an icy mask that he's always worn, and an icy shoulder armour that has the illusion of Kats trapped inside it. Both of these icy areas are covered in bits of blood, with the one on the shoulder even running a near-constant river of blood that trails down his leg and pools beneath his paw. He has red-blood marks on his back that also bleed, but these are not actual wounds of his. His tail ends in spines that crackle with a thunderous burst of electricity whenever he moves it.

He has the power (curse) of endless Resurrection. No matter how many times he's killed, no matter the way he's killed, he will always fully-heal and resurrect in the near-immediate aftermath of his death. Each resurrection will leave scars on his mind, and cause his memory flashes to happen more and more often.

He suffers from memory flashes from a time when the Dishonoured would constantly seek out Inner Dimensionals and attack them. Most of his memories seem to focus on an old Valley, where many Realm-Walkers roam. Fights break out between two enemy sides, with one side always losing - sometimes retreating, other times dying. Other times he dreams of an ash-grey Valley with a river of blood, where the survivors of a tragedy are left to grapple with madness.

There are times when he dreams of being trapped in ice. Of being frozen alive, and fully conscious for the suffering of it. He wakes from those dreams with the certainty that the dreams are real memories; that once, the Dishonoured were buried alive in a frozen lake.

When he's near those who were alive during the time of the Dishonoured's revenge, he can see the memories more clearly. He'll see flashes of things they did, of moments they lived or died.

This Saga Kat is compatible with Raveen Kats from these Dimensions: Central, Demon, Mystic, and Inner.

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