SpeciesZethn Dragon
Birth RookeryUnknown
Powers Necromancy (can raise the dead)
Putrid Flame (causes disease/sickness)
Immunity to Fire/Heat
Immunity to Ice/Cold
Immunity to Hypnosis/Thralls
Immunity to Morality Manipulation
NotesA wild Bloodbane, she is a part of a dying breed of Zethn Dragons which is dwindling in population. Bloodbanes are Necromancers, who sacrifice their own life energies to reanimate the dead. Usually driven by a hunger for power, Bloodbanes tend to extinguish their own lifeforce in their pursuit of raising personal Undead-armies.

Careful to only raise entities that don't ask too much of her life in return, this Bloodbane has managed to survive by being selective over her own Necromancy. Most of the dead she's raised from the grave has been small, or young. Most are brought back for companionship, as she lacks the desire for power that has driven her kind to madness. She's grown protective over the Dead that are tied to her, and any slight against them would likely be seen as a slight against her directly.

She wears the headpiece to conceal the fact that her bone crest was broken and torn off. It was broken in a fight with a Stonesage, when they bit the bone clean off.
OriginBattle Prides
ImagesYoung Tuonela

The Dead
SpeciesRaveen KatCarrion BirdCoastal Avian
Immunity to Corruption
Immunity to Thralls/Hypnosis
Immunity to Soul-ripping Powers/Abilities
Cannot be healed/revived
NotesDied as a cub, after an accident involving a Gifted caused her to be swept away into a landslide. Her death wasn't violent enough to turn her into an Undead, but she is now considered an Undead by virtue of being a reanimated dead. She does not require the life energy of the living to exist, but her life is tied to the Bloodbane; if the Bloodbane dies, she dies again too. Sentient avian, but he's lost all the flesh from his head/neck so when he speaks his voice is garbled. Was the first dead that the Bloodbane raised. Sentient avian who used to be vibrantly coloured, but her feathers have lost their shine since she died. She was killed by a young hunter who killed her just "for practice".