SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideUnknown
PrideEbon Shadow
PowersNight Vision (Perfect)
Abilities Nightmare Wave - A wave of red mist which causes anything it touches to fall into a nice nightmare filled rest for 2hrs. While the target is unconcious, its energy will be drained. Even if the wave is cancelled out, the target will still be attacked by nightmares, just while it's awake.

Nightmare Shield - An energy shield which blocks -any- ability, be it Fire Wave, Drain, Light Wave, a psychic or emotional ability, or even a time ability. In the case of Tarrantuu, this ability can block the abilities of Ultimate Elements. This is unique to Tarrantuu, as other Nightmares cannot do the same.
(Unique Variant)

Nightmaric Beast - Ability to bring the target's worst nightmare to life.

OriginBattle Prides
Notes Tarrantuu has a bit of bone sticking out of the back of his neck, in the form of three round 'spikes'. The claws on his front paws cannot be sheathed fully, they're longer and more deadly than that of normal Kats; what is visible now is what his claws look like when somewhat sheathed, they can be lengthened another inch or two. His claws on his back paws are normal. His eyes are both yellow on white, which is a mutation, and his night vision is so perfect it's to the point where he can't see shadows.
Tarrantuu has a bit of an issue - he doesn't like being followed. If he catches a Kat, or anything else, following him, he will not hesitate to turn and attack it, often with deadly results. The red metal ring on his tail holds a gold bead and a tooth he took from a Kat who thought it'd be 'fun' to 'hunt' the Hunter. Needless to say the Kat was quite surprised to end up near death.
He is also very empathic, but focuses mainly on sending the emotion of fear to any targets he deems deserving of it. He can send any other emotion, as well as sense emotions, but he will often refrain from using his empathic abilities - it can sometimes have a draining effect on his own energy. It is unknown at this time if Tarrantuu's empathic abilities can be blocked.