Birth DenWild
Powers Mage-reading, Teleportation, Electromancy, Ride Lightning, Immunity to Electricity/Shock Powers, Wingless Flight, Shapeshifting (limited to mammalian species), Immunity to Curses/Thralls, Aura Sight, True Sight.
OriginBattle Prides
Notes A wild male Lapialu who has been touched by Lightning. He carries with him, always, a powerful charge of pure lightning that dances through his blood and his surrounding aura. Those that come near him will always taste ozone in the area when he's near, and they might also feel the touch of static against their bodies when they get close to him. He has four lightning-whips that grow from the back of his shoulders, and hard crystallized-lightning that encases portions of his legs. They glow brightly, and have visible charges of lightning that bounce off and around them. As these traits are a part of his physical body, they can freely shift with him and turn into different visual traits to match whatever species he's pretending to be.

A Lapialu is a type of Apialu. Like all of his kind he has been wrongly accused of being a type of shape-shifting demon. Apialu aren't demon-kin, and do not seek to spread suffering or havoc wherever they go. Each Apialu tends to have an unique set of traits, as they hold their own individuality quite highly.

Apialu are shape-shifters. They can look like anything they want to, provided it falls within the mammalian spectrum. Their forms are fluid, and not limited by their genetics. They used to hide in plain sight, which led to a period in the Wish Dimension where their species was believed to have become extinct. They hadn't. They'd just become so good at blending in that nobody was the wiser.

Their shape-shifting capabilities are limited in that no matter what they shift into, they will always retain their true colours. They can shift the colours around into different patterns, but can never change the colours or gain different ones. The traits they pass onto their offspring are those from their true form.

Apialu are not known to take on permanent mates, and do not raise their own young. If the offspring is a pure Apialu it is given to a Den and raised by a Den-mother (usually a Sapialu). If the offspring is a non-Apialu, it's up to the other parent to raise it, or it's left on it's own. Most Apialu lack parental instinct, and view young as a risk to their own survival.

They can take on permanent mates, but it's incredibly rare. They can breed with other species, while in that other species form, but aren't likely to stick with them. Any offspring born to an Apialu will take on the form the Apialu was in when the Mother became pregnant.