SpeciesNatural Demon
Birth PrideIntellectual Epiphany
Teleportation (strobe-like effect)
Instant Healing and Regeneration
Infinite Telekinesis
Phasing (can turn corporeal/incorporeal at will)
Illusion Creation & Manipulation
Immunity to Fire, Heat, and Cold
Immune to Mind Alterations & Manipulations
After Images (uncontrolled)
Does not linger in memory
OriginBattle Prides
Notes To look upon her is to be confused, bewildered, and puzzled. She can't be comprehended by the minds of mere mortals, and her very form seems to displace itself even when standing still (a mirage of after images constantly making it seem like she's moving). There is something intangible about her, and she slips through the world like she's not fully there; passing through the notice and memory of others just as easily as she falls from their visual notice. There, and noticed, one second - then gone, and forgotten entirely the next.

Those who lack blood relation to her will find it hard to remember her. When she leaves their visual range, she will slip from their mind; memories dormant, only to reawaken when she next visits them. Not truly forgotten, but... forgotten for a time, and the forgetting is unnoticed. (No one will realize they've forgotten her at all. The memories being gone will be unremarkable. The memories being back, just as unnoticed.)

There are areas on her back where her fur has seemingly shattered, revealing crystallized glass beneath her fur, and breaking into shards of crystal that float above her back. These areas flicker in the light, and give off a strange... uncomprehending feeling. They're meant to be something, but what?

She has an ever-closed Eye on each shoulder. No matter what's happening around her (or to her) these eyes have remained firmly closed.