SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideWild
PowersSoul-reading, Disturbed Aura, Immunity to Pain, Immune to Instant-Kill abilities/powers
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Disturbed Kats literally shed the entirety of their fur three times in their life; twice in cub/teenhood, and once when reaching adulthood. Each time they lose their fur they have to replenish it from other sources. These are usually taken from what is most easily accessible at the time. Often times that ends up being prey animals, but other times they take it from other species or Raveen Kats unlucky enough to be near them at the time.

When a Disturbed Kat sheds it's fur, it's not a pretty or painless event. Pushed into a frenzied by their own minds, they tear off their fur and end up a bloody mess of exposed muscle tissues. The first two times they go through this experience, the Disturbed does not have much conscious choice in what skin they steal from others. They're focused mainly on replacing what they tore off, and don't care too much about the choice of pelts or colours. The last time they go through this violent shift, they're adults and often more capable of consciously making the choice on what creature - or creatures - to steal the fur/skin from.

Most of her own fur/skin was ripped from the bodies of other Raveen Kats. She has a majority of fur from a Life Kat who made the unfortunate choice to sleep too close to the Unclaimed Territories (where this Disturbed grew up). The Life Kat was able to heal itself of the damage, but was likely left with haunting mental scars from the experience. She also stole fur from a Fire Kat, after she'd taken fur from other sources, and the Fire Kat ended up being her last "donor". Feeling pragmatic, she dragged the skinned Fire Kat to a Healer's Shrine and left it's fate up to the notice of those stationed there.

Sometime in adulthood she was attacked by another Disturbed Kat, who in a rabid frenzy, ripped out her eyes and the fur around them. With no access to a Healer, she was forced to repeat her skin-stealing ways one last time, and took the black fur around her eyes from a nearby prey animal. She couldn't steal it's eyes, since Disturbed Kats can't recycle organs from others. But something interesting happened. A stitch opened up, gushing out a surge of blood, and button-like protrusions appeared where her eyes once were. Even stranger, she could see through these buttons as if they had become her eyes.

Since her eyes are literal buttons, she has no need/capability to blink. She cannot be blinded, as light does not harm her non-eyes.

Her Disturbed Aura causes temporary madness in others. It's a controlled Aura, so it only affects others when she means it to.