Rishiri & Kombu

NameRishiri (front)Kombu (back)
SpeciesRaveen KatRaveen Kat
Birth PrideUnknownUnknown
Perfect Nightvision
Underwater Breathing
Body is Water
Twin Connection
Ritual Flames
Perfect Nightvision
Underwater Breathing
Body is Water
Twin Connection
Eidetic Memory
Script Translation
Language Understanding/Fluency
Abilities ...
OriginBattle Prides
NotesBorn under the Eclipse, Rishiri is a Whisper of Rekura. Her mutation shows in the form of her body being made of water, her ears and tail made of kelp, and the illusion of kelp being visible in her legs. Doesn't bleed, and doesn't require air to survive. Her body is mostly water, so she'll want to avoid fire/heat, and ice/cold areas.

As a Sage, she has the power to summon black flames that Cleanse bones/dead bodies - severing their ties to the living, and sending their souls onto the next life. On Os'Karos the dead were honoured by making sure they weren't chained to the past, or cursed to haunt those they left behind. Being a Sage meant overseeing the rites of the dead, and burying the obsidian bones (bones turn to obsidian when they're burned by the black flames) in the Tombs. She was very respectful of her position, and never used her power against the living, or spoke ill of the dead.

Born under the Eclipse, and only seconds after his sister, Kombu is also Whisper of Rekura. The notes from the upper part of Rishiri's entry also applies to Kombu.

He chose to specialize as Historian, which allowed him access to the Tombs and Temples on Os'Karos. He learned about the Astralis Pantheon, about the history of Os'Karos, and started to learn about worlds beyond their star system. He trained to gain an Eidetic Memory, which helped him to pick up languages and history with more ease than he could've imagined before. By the time he left Os'Karos, he was fluent in many languages and seeking to learn more.

PersonificationGreat-blade surrounded by kelpShield wreathed in kelp
PowersDrowning Cut (anyone cut by the blade begins to drown, as water floods their lungs)
Eternal Cage (kelp surrounds, and cages, target)
Sanctuary Stand (up to three selected targets cannot be damaged as long as Shield is visible)
Drowning Recovery (a flood of water rushes through the area, healing allies as it passes)
NotesLoyal Defender that died in the war against the Invader. She fought side by side with Ark'a's Wings, and fell in the same battle that killed the former Goddess. Carries no regrets, but has a simmering rage towards the disrespect the Invaders showed to the Astralis, and a hatred for those who turned Traitor. Existing as a near-silent presence in his bonded's mind, this IriKan was a Pacifist who chose to ignore the War. He knew it was going on, but it didn't affect him personally, so he let it go on uncontested until it reached his homeworld. At that point, it was too late to pick a side, and he died in the crosshairs of a war he didn't want.