SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideWild
Phasing (can shift between corporeal/incorporeal form)
Immunity to Soul-ripping Abilities/Powers
Immunity to Life Siphoning Abilities/Powers
Immunity to Blindness
Immunity to Heat
Immunity to Cold
Does not require air
Does not required food or water
Awful Nightvision
Shattering Form
Abilities ...
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Born to an Eclipse that took place nearly 40 years ago, she is a Whisper of Rekura who found herself taken to the surface of a neutron star. A world that was not a world at all, this star was inhabited by beings that had long foregone their physical forms, and existed now as energy. With a passive way of life, and an avoidance for complications, these entities pick and chose which of the WoR cubs to save when they came to their world - for only those who could exist without the necessity of air, water, or food could survive on their star. Those with crippling Elemental Mutations or who would have required too many changes to survive, were fed to the vacuum of space and left forgotten.

The others were raised by the entities, who constantly shifted between being invested in their life, or being completely uninterested in them. They grew up with basic education and socialization; enough to survive and grow into their own personalities without shining too brightly as individuals. On the star, life was.. sedate. It moved forward at a calm speed, never rushing, never going in unexpected directions.

Life beyond the star didn't matter. The worlds visible in the distance were too far away to interact with; and the only way to reach a star was to fall upon it.

The WoRs grew up feeling both like they Belonged, but also that they were Other. While an Eternal, Kin'eya, existed there and had a form like them, she took no interest in the WoRs. Beyond a cursory introduction, she maintained a distant detachment from all those who lived upon her star's surface.

Time moved forward slowly. The WoRs became adults, and continued to adapt to the uneventful existence of the star world. Time blurred together, the days became impossible to tell the difference between. The WoRs became more and more like the energy beings that raised them; detached observers, never going against the flow.

Then the WoRs were swept away from the surface of the star, and returned to the Ice Plains. The surface of a living world is very different from the ever-glow of a star, and the WoRs had to struggle to adapt to such a different system. Many maintained a detached aloofness; as it was easiest to fall back on being observers, and not active participants.

Due to the years she spent on the surface of a star, surrounded by the constant bright glow of it, she has virtually no nightvision capability. Her eyes can't adjust to darkness, rendering her practically blind when there's no light source in her immediate surroundings. While her body does give off an ethereal glow, it's not enough light to make a difference.

Her legs, tail, and ears, are caught in a constant state of flux. When she's still the surface of her body settles and completes itself, but if she moves then bits of her "fur" break off and float away.

She's wearing an earring and tail wrap that hold two small starlight orbs.

PersonificationLight Orb
PowersObserver (can expose hidden targets/magics)
Memory Reading (can read the memories of targets, and transfer the knowledge onto it's WoR)
NotesHas a genderless voice when speaking/interacting with their bonded WoR. Voice cannot be heard or understood by others beyond their WoR.