(Aggressor Demon)
Birth GroupWild
Life Siphoning Flames
Poisonous Blood
Venomous Bite
Hypnotic Voice
Illusion Creation and Control
Shadow Teleportation
Abilities ...
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Bahlta Demons are Aggressor Demons from the legion most known for sowing fear and discourse in the world; Reikouu's Legion. Reikouu is one of The Seven (Generals of the Great Evil), who creates and guides Demons that generally follow a dark, twisted nature that is driven by corruption. A Bahlta is an Aggressor Demon that is a mix of serpent, feline, and wraith. They have snake-like skulls for heads, which lack any visible eyes (where eye sockets should be, there is instead smooth bone). They have a cobra-like hood around their necks, while the rest of their body can be a mix of serpent or feline traits.

Another notable Bahlta trait is a burning "wick" that extends from the top of each shoulder, and are ever-burning with a ghostly blue flame. These flames have the ability to siphon life from any creatures that are near a Bahlta, but they siphon the life so slowly that others won't even notice their lifeforce is being eaten. If someone spends a great deal of time around a Bahlta, they'll eventually lose the entirety of their life-force to them. Bahlta Demons can't siphon life-energy from other Bahltas, and those who likewise have life-siphoning traits cannot siphon life from them (their life-siphon power cancels out the other).

Bahlta Demons survive entirely on life-force, and have no need to eat or drink.

The blood of a Bahlta is poisonous enough to kill within twenty minutes of ingestion. They have a venomous bit that can kill within an hour if it's not treated by a Healer.

He has the power to use a Hypnotic Voice, which allows him to make hypnotic suggestions to others that they can't ignore (unless they're immune to Hypnotic Suggestion/Voices/Psychic tampering). The illusions he can create will look like mirages, and will shimmer as if they're in the dead heat of a desert. While illusions are useless for causing physical harm, they have an abundance of potential for causing mental trauma. He can teleport to and from shadows, a power which allows him to "step" through shadows and "step out" of shadows elsewhere.

He was born in the Unclaimed Lands, and spent the majority of his life wandering the Unclaimed Lands and Territories. Seeking amusement, he would sometimes go to the Rekanshu looking to stir up trouble. Lacking any luck in chance-based games, he's been able to steadily grow a deep debt to many Merchants and other gamblers in the Rekanshu. Instead of paying them back, or looking for ways to gain currency, he's been content to settle his debts in The Pit - an arena in the Rekanshu where fighters are pit against other, or forced to battle for survival against impossible odds. He loves it there, because The Pit cancels out powers/abilities, and everyone can only survive by the power and skill of their physical body.

Plus, The Pit can't cancel out his life-siphoning, so he's always got an edge over his competition (but he'd never reveal that to anyone; it's not technically cheating if no one knows about it).

Bahlta Demons are compatible with Bahlta Demons, Raveens and Raveen-compatible Species, as well as Graephs and other Aggressor Demons.