SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideWild
Infected Bite
Corpse Fly Bite (against dead)
Contaminated Blood (causes fever/shakes and eventual death if ingested)
Immunity to Life-siphoning powers/abilities
Immunity to Instant-kill powers/abilities
Pyrophobia (is afraid of fire)
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Hungering Kats are an extended Halloween Element. They tend to fall on the uncommon side, as the mix necessary for them is not often seen. She grew up in the Unclaimed Territories where Halloween Elements and dangerous creatures are found in abundance. Even there, she was part of a small minority of her own Element, and was often visually "other" from her family. Not that it bothered her much at all. Hungering Kats aren't known for being self-conscious, after all.

Driven by a hunger that is never satiated, Hungering Kats are brutal killers that eat their prey alive. They survive on the flesh on the living, and can stalk and slowly kill their prey over a long period of time - killing them bite by bite. When a Hungering Kat kills their prey, they're driven to eat their brains last, and upon doing so, gain the memories (and temporary "instincts") of the creature whose brain they ate. If they eat a prey animal's brain, they gain prey animal-like instincts/reactions for a couple hours following the meal. If they eat a sentient creature's brain, they gain the memories/knowledge and powers of their meal until the creature is fully digested, when the memories/knowledge and powers begin to gradually fade.

When they bite a living sentient being, their bite causes an infected that messes with the senses of the one they bit. It causes the infected individual to become feverish, and feel like they're losing their sight, hearing, and sense of taste. Untreated the infection will cause these losses to become permanent.

If a Hungering Kat bites someone who is already dead (an Undead, or someone who was brought back from death/resurrected), their bite will cause an instantaneous reaction of corpse flies erupting from the bite. This causes agony in those bit, as their flesh is torn open by the flies that suddenly birthed in their flesh, but it also acts as a warning to the Hungering Kat. Eating the flesh of the dead, or the resurrected, can cause a Hungering Kat to go insane. If they eat it, they begin to lose their sanity, and if they eat the brains of an already dead thing (and not something they freshly killed), they lose their sentience bit by bit.

Hungering Kats do not feel pain like others do. When wounded, it doesn't cause them to feel anything other than an itch. Their wounds stitch themselves close, eventually, but never fully heal - leaving bloody scars on their bodies where they've been wounded. The only way to kill a Hungering Kat is to behead them.