SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideWild
Powers Mage-reading
Infinite Telekinesis
Immune to Abilities
Wind Blade Creation and Manipulation
Pyrokinesis (light-based)
Solar Energy Beams
Immortal During Daylight Hours
Blue Hive
Blue Hive Powers Hive Mind - Telepathic link with all Blue Hive members
Immunity to climate (heat/cold)
Immunity to mind control/thralls/manipulations/morality shifts
Shared Memories/Knowledge (Blue Hive + Reavia'et Hive memories, if they choose to study those as well)
Hive Mind works to share pain/knowledge of injuries among the Hive Mind so that those linked with it are always aware of the conditions of other Hive members. Can communicate with and find members of the Hive at all times.
Immunity to soul-ripping/instant-kill abilities/powers.
Blue-symbiotic parasite is immune to harm (flesh is made of synthetic blue-energy).
One-sided telepathic Link with Reavia'et Hive WoRs (can isolate their own minds/Hive from it)
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Part of the Second Group of orphaned/abandoned cubs that were taken in by the Judicators and added to the Blue Hive experiment. She's roughly eleven months younger than the First Group, and has been connected to the Blue Hive Mind since infancy. She's never known a life where she didn't have access to the Hive Mind, and has always known the presence and voices of the others who are connected to it. She spent most of her life in the Teczra District, under the watchful eyes of the Judicators working with the Blue Queen. Often she was free to roam the safe/secure areas of the District, where a Proxy Kat or Judicator would usually be her guardian or silent guide. During one of her roaming days she stumbled upon an Atrium which was devoted to the study of Water-Evolved Mimics. A large circular-room filled with trees, flowers, and simulated flowing rivers, it was a garden maintained and surrounded by technology. Within this Atrium there were hundreds of Water-Evolved Mimics, floating/flying through the air as if the air itself were water.

She'd often return to the Atrium to play with the creatures there, and during one visit there she caught the eye of one of the Judicators working on the study. Amused by her presence and continued visitations, the Judicator offered to let her take two of the Mimics with her on the day she left the District. She has, ever since, had two loyal Mimics that "swim" ever at her side.

SpeciesWater-evolved Mimic
Ability Can shift to an obsidian form covered in spikes, during which he becomes invulnerable to physical harm. Can store one magical attack at a time, and release it/attack with it later.