SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideUnknown
PrideFrozen Sound
Heat Vision
Self-Healing (Instant)
Ashen Touch
Healing Touch
Ability Immunity (Inner - Lower Tier)
Abilities Removal - By activating this ability the user is now able to remove any one bone, or more, from the target(s). This ability will remain active until the user stops it, so the user may cause the bones in target(s) to vanish slowly, quickly, or just remove one. When the bones are removed they just up and vanish, leaving behind a lot of pain and suffering with the target. Can only be stopped by the user.

Dream Ray - Sends a large blast of blue energy at the target which will cleanly pass through anything living, or non-living, in its way. Can only hit a target within 400ft of the user.

Sudden Failure - Instantly kills the target.

OriginBattle Prides
Notes Both of Marduuk's eyes are green. His heat vision makes it quite impossible to sneak up on him, since he can see any living thing which produces heat. Both front paws actually glow white, and they have a magical essence within them which allows them to either turn anything they touch to ash wherever the paws contact them, or to heal anything they touch, no matter how bad the damage.
The tiny-dragon wings hovering over his shoulders are a trait he inherited from his mother, as all Enigmas have them. The black bandages on his tail which serve no real purpose. His earring holds a small red and black gem, which he actually got from 'home' - the Hate Dimension, where he spent the first few months of his life. He grew up in pretty harsh conditions there, and only came to the Inner Dimension out of curiosity. It's a lot different from the Hate Dimension, mainly in the fact it has a light source - the Hate Dimension is permanently in darkness, thus the heat vision. The Kats here are more varied in temperment also, not all hateful and bloodthirsty, which was a somewhat welcome change. His Dream side is really to blame for his lack of wanting to kill or hold grudges forever - however, Enigmas are also somewhat reserved in their tendacies to attack, more knowledge holders. That doesn't mean he's a nice Kat, he can be quite the demon if he wants to be, but mostly he has a mildly laid-back personality.
Marduuk is the first Inter-Dimensional mix that is part Hate. He is immune to the lowest tier of Inner Dimensional abilities - the first ability each Kat has.