(Aggressor Demon)
LegionKajshi Muun
Birth GroupNone
Powers Mage-reading, Teleportation,Thrall / Hypnotic Voice. Immunity to Thralls, Hypnosis, and Mind-altering Illusions. True Sight Subversion. Regeneration and Healing. Invulnerable Shell. Tree of the Dead Creation.
Abilities ...
OriginBattle Prides
Notes A male Squire Demon who has the power to grow a small Tree of the Dead anywhere, no matter the properties of the ground. A Tree of the Dead is a black, corrupted growth that feasts on the remains of dead sentient creatures. It wraps its roots around their corpses, consuming their bones and any flesh remaining on their body. Everything eaten by the Tree is then fed into bloody heart-like fruits that grow upon the skeletal branches of the Tree. When someone eats one of these hearts, they gain the power of Divine Strength and Invulnerability for 12hrs. Only Aggressor Demons can benefit from these hearts, as any creature that is not of a demonic nature will instead be corrupted by consuming the heart.

Divine Strength means the eater gains the ability to crush bones with just a light touch, or break through defensive armour like they're paper.

As a Squire Demon he is a type of Aggressor Demon that is commonly only seen in their small, shelled-forms. They have a secret that when their lives are threatened, and they're in a life or death situation, they can shift into a Raveen-like form. It's something their kind only does when there is no other option, as the shift is usually only a one-time thing and they end up trapped in the mockery of a Raveen shape. As members of the Legion of Kajshi Muun, a Squire is a master manipulator and can usually talk their way out of being harmed, but when all else fails, the shift is their only option left.

The shell of a Squire Demon is completely invulnerable. Because of this, it's become sort of a sought-after decorative armour for some Slayers or Demon Hunters, who find the shells to be useful in their personal arsenal.

True Sight Subversion allows him to subvert True Sight's ability to see through lies. It makes lies appear/sound like the truth to those with True Sight, making it impossible for them to tell when a Squire is lying.

Squire Demons are compatible with other Squire Demons, reptilian Aggressor Demons of similar size, or Tokens. .