MeaningThe Black Wind
SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideUnknown
PrideThe Uncharted
PowersSoul-Reading (Surface Thoughts)
Aura Sight
Ability Deflection
Abilities Wind Clash - A deadly wind is instantly sent crushing down upon the targets. This wind has enough force to send those in its path miles in to the ground. Once the wind dies down any targets who were hit with it, and now lodged in the ground, will find themselves being surrounded by shifting earth. Within seconds they'd be encased in their very own grave.

Bringing To Life - This summon is more or less entirely up to the user, the only restriction is that the summon has to be made of earth and cannot be any larger than 20ft. Aside from that, any creature the user can dream up can be summoned, and that creature will have power over earth and wind. It will not back down until the user desires, and will either protect or attack the target.

Blood And Air - This is a somewhat gruesome instant kill. The target's bones vanish and are replaced by air, which explodes in a fury of wind breaking free of the target. The target will not be able to survive this ability, as every bone in its body would've been turned and all that would be left of the target would be a bloody mess of flesh and fur.

Earth Slide - Allows the user to teleport via entering a black hole type portal which appears on the ground under him. This portal can take the user, and up to two others, anywhere the user wishes as long as it's on the Ice Plains, or could just simply teleport those who enter it a few meters from where they previously were. This works much like teleportation, so it's pretty much instant-relocation once the user has 'fallen' in to the portal. Only those the user wishes to can enter this portal, which will vanish after it's purpose has been served.

OriginBattle Prides
Notes Kuurokikaze's readings are limited to surface thoughts, or thoughts actively going through an individual's mind. Across his face he has a blue mark, which isn't a natural mark at all. It's a scar that he received back when he was a cub, and truthfully he doesn't remember who gave it to him. He was too young at the time.
Over his left eye, there is what appears to be half of a broken sunglass lens, which allows him to see auras. He wears a metal ring in his mane, which is more or less there to keep his mane out of his way, and while has no earrings in his right ear, there are three in his left. Of these three there is a dangling earring, which isn't just for decoration. It was given to him by a wandering warrior he met back in his teen days. This earring is a defensive amulet of sorts - it works by deflecting abilities and leaving the wearer completely unharmed. However, this amulet can only deflect a max of four abilities per day, and he doesn't get to choose which abilities don't affect him - it's whichever four should be used against him first.
Thanks to his father, a Wind Kat, Kaze has a major mutation in the form of a darkening-fur gene. Though he was born white with brown paws/tail tip, as he got older his fur began to darken to the point where his paws became black and his body an ashen-gray. This gene may or may not be passed on to his offspring. Kuurokikaze also once had a tufted tail, but very few know why he does not now.
Kuurokikaze is somewhat special, as he is one of only five Kats who have received the honor of training from Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are the two best fighters on the Ice Plains, they're even higher in skills then the Battle Masters. Ever since teenhood, when Kaze crossed paths with Yin and Yang, he has been training under them. The reason for his build being thin with lean muscle is because Yin and Yang focus more on speed, endurance & dodging than on building muscle mass. Do not underestimate him, as he can easily hold his own against a much larger Kat.