SpeciesRaveen Kat
ElementDeity Mix
(Primeval / Deity)
Birth PrideProfane Tome
PowersMage-reading, Teleportation (vanishes/reforms in a flare of green energy), Infinite Telekinesis, Instant Healing and Regeneration (wounds not from a divine source will heal/regenerate within seconds), Aura Sight (can see the morality of those he looks upon), Undead Creation and Manipulation, Curse of Undeath (can turn a living creature into an Undead), Undead Rebirth (can turn an Undead he made back into it's living self), Immunity to Morality Manipulation, Immunity to Thralls/Hypnosis, Immunity to Poisons, Immunity to Sickness/Disease , Deity Immortality (can only be killed by other Deity descendants, Divine Beings, Demons, or Godblades), Mystic Sense (can sense the soul of every living Mystic Dimensional; senses their powers/alignment and locations).
Notes A descendant of the Deity known as "West Death". His Mother, Helsafr-Kel, was the first-generation daughter of him, making "West Death" his maternal Grandfather. Like him, his Mother was also a Primeval/Deity Mix, but his Father is a pureblood Primeval. He has never met "West Death", as the exiled Deity does not hold his bloodline above anyone else, and they must - like everyone - earn his notice and worth.

The "West Death" is an evil-aligned Deity. He is not caring, he is not kind, and there is no so soft center hidden beneath the harshness of his exterior. Those who seek out his favour are often cursed with sickness, disease, or trauma. He grants no boons or favours, and is feared by most Mystic Dimensionals who know the "West Death" has fallen so. He once had a balance, the "West Heaven", who kept his alignment and sanity in check, but she was killed by Orcle's Army and the "West Death" has never been the same since. Where in the past the Mystic Dimensionals might once have sought him out to grant blessings upon the dead, they now avoid him out of fear of earning his ire.

As a descendant of the "West Death" he is visibly marked as such - his face and ears are covered in the colours and markings of his Grandfather, and runescript marks him as as a Son of Death upon the edges of his ears. He has four eyes, each of them a faintly glowing green.

He has in his possession a jar filled with a necrotic swarm of flies. He is the only one that open this jar, and when he does, it releases the swarm. Anyone that is bitten by them will be cursed with sickness (fevers), disease (permanent illness), or death depending on what he desires. Sickness can be healed by minor healers, but a disease would require the removal of a Curse, and death happens so quickly that a resurrection must happen within moments otherwise it will fail to take.

As a Primeval Mix he has the power to create and control skeletal Undead creatures. The creatures he creates are always surrounded and marked by a green glow. He can create hundreds of small skeletal creatures at one time, or he can create one single dragon-sized one at one time.

His Deity heritage makes him Immortal, but he can still be wounded/hurt by mortals - they just can't kill him, or cause enough damage to lead to death. He's Immortal, not invulnerable.
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