TypeNone (Viral)
FatherNone (Viral)
MotherNone (Viral)
Birth HiveNone (Viral)
Electrokinesis (red)
Earthen Revival
Thrall/Morality Manipulation Immunity
Shadowmancy (can alter/control shadows)
Abilities ...
OriginBattle Prides
Notes A Hybridling who has fading memories of being something Else in his Before. Memories that feel like dreams now, of a time when he watched the world free of the confines of a body. When he could see the world in so many different ways, which is so different from how his body perceives the world now. He has no eyes, and instead sees through the "taste" and "smell" of the world, as air moves through the gaps in his skull. It's the way that Graephs, and some Hybridlings, see the world. This means he lacks the telltale stone eyes of a Viral, but he has stone-coloured gems on his body that will hint at his origins not being normal.

He has a cloud of crimson energy and lightning that pulses around his head and end of his tail. He can control the intensity of the lightning; keeping it a minimal spark that only causes a mild shock to those who touch it, or increasing it's ferocity to a point where it can paralyze or kill those he shocks.

Like a pure Graeph he can freely alter the molecular biology of his shadow-flesh, which includes everything except for the false-jaws, his tail, and and his white feather crest. He can freely shift between shadow-flesh and materials like silver, rock, water, and dust.