SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideWild
PowersSoul-reading, Spontaneous Combustion (fire bursts out from within the Burning Kat, devouring their body of explosive death that spreads outwards to affect and burn others as well), Ash Rebirth (after Combustion, the Burning Kat resurrects from their own ashes, fully reformed and healed, within 1 hour of death), Pyromancy, Fire Consume (can consume/negate all flames of others, no matter their properties), Tar Wings (when required, can form wings out of hot blackened tar - the wings drip away when not in use), Soul Burn (can cause Soul Damage via physical touch), Agony (can affect a single target into suffering from unimaginable and disabling agony for several minutes), Weak Against Thrall, Immunity to Heat.
OriginBattle Prides
Notes A young Burning who was born in the reborn Demon Dimension, where he grew up near the blood-ash borders of the eastern Blood Rite. A site famous for it's ever-burning forests and chained spirits, it's one of the only ritual sites where no guardian keeps watch - and thus, one of the ritual sites most known for devouring curious souls. Getting close to the Blood Rite causes one's blood to burn uncomfortably, and coming into contact with it's edges causes the soul to be ripped from the physical body and forever bound to the area. Tricking others into exploring the area is an all too common practice.

As a Burning Kat his eyes are burning coils of madness that cause anyone who sees his physical eyes to have their own eyes (irreparably) burned to ash. To prevent blinding others unintentionally, wings cover and conceal their eyes - but the wings do not block their own sight. A Burning Kat can see through the wing like they're a thin veil.