Birth ImperialWild
Seal Magics
True Sight (can see through illusions/lies)
Aura Sight
Immunity to Fire/Heat
Perfect Nightvision
Immunity to Poisons/Toxins
Immunity to Physical Sickness
Increased Endurance
Advanced Physical Strength
Advanced Physical Speed
Advanced Reflexes
Advanced Senses
Advanced Healing (Can heal from loss of energy and physical wounds quickly)
Abilities ...
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Born back when Bameizu existed secretly in the Inner Dimension, when they lived upon their own continent and didn't reach out to Orcle's Isle. After the destruction of the Planetary Dimension, the Bameizu were refugees that were given a piece of land to call their own. They lived separate from the Raveens that occupied the rest of the Ice Plains, and kept their borders hidden from curious travellers. Sometimes outsiders would stumble upon their continent, but the Bameizu would offer them no aid in returning to where they came from - for they were afraid of other outsiders flooding their shores and bring their problems with them.

He's old enough to have been present to see the fallout of the Dimension Wars, and was present when the Demon War stretched it's influence far enough to reach his kind. He was among those who fought to protect his kind from the attacks of the Demons, and eventually was the first to see that the threat could not merely be survived - it needed to be stopped. Along with a few others, he set out from the Bameizu's continent to stop the flow of the Demons from Orcle's Isle and the Forbidden Lands. During his journey he, and the others with him, were careful never to tell others where they came from.

Upon reaching Orcle's Isle he joined a group of Demon Hunters, and began fighting side-by-side with them to combat the Demon threat. During these days he gained many, many, scars and was forced to quickly adapt to a violent land. During this time he lost his wings permanently - torn from his back, and cursed to never regrow.

When the Demon War was ended it wasn't a sudden, abrupt, end. The battles drew on for many years, even while another threat steadily grew in the southern reaches of the world. Seeking to better himself, he set out to train with Raveen Battlemasters - learning the art of fighting with swords and other weaponry - and eventually agreed to undergo an experimental ritual (From early-day Judicators) which would end up causing him great physically and mental agony, but would leave his physical body improved tenfold. He gained Advanced Senses, Strength, Endurance, Healing, and Reflexes that put him leagues above other warriors of the time.

The Demon War was finally ended, but the threat of Aggressor Demons never really went away. The Shades rose, and with it the threat of corruption and madness became priority. It was during this time period that the continent the Bameizu called home was also attacked, forcing the Bameizu to flee to the protections of Orcle's Isle and the Borders that would later be raised there.

He's a travelling warrior now, who goes where he's needed, and helps those who request it. He carries two swords with him at all time - one is pure silver, the other is silver infused with Korathue (Spirit) Essence, which allows for him to cause soul-harm to those of corrupted and Demonic natures.