SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideUnknown
Rain Creation and Manipulation
Storm Calling
Enchanting Voice (singing, hypnotic voice)
Energy Siphoning (feeds off the positive energy released from the happiness of others, but doesn't take it from them/make them sad or otherwise affect them)
Underwater Breathing
Wingless Flight
Personal Pocket-realm Access
Abilities ...
Notes A Raider from an alternate timeline, he was involved in a scuffle that led to an accident which caused his Raiding crew to be expelled from their timeline. He's now stuck here, in an timeline not his own, with no way to return to his home. His lifeline brace allows him to track and locate his living relatives in this timeline, but his Mother is very different from the Kat he used to know, and his Father doesn't even exist here.

The blue scaled areas on his body are invulnerable to harm.

In the Fragment, the Rain Element is a thrill-seeking one. Known for chasing after and calling on storms, the Rain Element is often regarded as troublesome tricksters. They're known for calling on rain storms when there's no clouds in the sky, just for the amusement of watching others getting caught in the rain.

Mesmerize is an enchanting Element known for delighting audiences with dances, and singing beautiful songs. They're a friendly, charismatic, Element that spreads joy and inspiration to others. They survive off the positive energy that flows in area when they're putting on a show for their audience. (In the Ice Plains timeline, Mesmerize is a siren-like Element that lures others in with their voice, and then sucks them dry of life energy. They're a very selfish Element that has no respect for life, nor any desire to entertain or make others happy. It' very, very, different from the Mesmerize he's related to.)

In the Alternate Timeline, Keiu was a troublemaker. She liked to "thrill" others by calling down thunderous rainstorms on otherwise peaceful days, or send the rain fleeing away when others were most looking forward to it. She liked weather to be like her - unpredictable, and fun.

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