SpeciesRaveen Kat
FatherIncuubus (previous life)
MotherAm-Heh (previous life)
Birth PrideBlackest Hearts (previous life)
PrideHollow Way
Previous LifeBaluur In Life
Powers Soul-reading, Spiritual Mind (thoughts can only be read by Soul-readers), Unlimited Telekinesis, Can Freely Shift Between Corporeal/Incorporeal, Spirit Sight (can see the souls of the dead), Nature Spirit Sight (can see Nature Spirits), Spirit Communication (can talk to the ghosts of the dead), Immune to Life Siphoning Powers and Abilities, Immunity to Instant Kills, Immunity to Curses, Immunity to Corruption and Purification, Immunity to Morality Alterations. Resurrects upon death (body reforms if destroyed). Can only be Perma-killed by a Death Mage, or if he's struck down by someone while physically in the Realm of the Dead.
Notes Baluur met the unfortunate fate of an early death unexpectedly. An Aggressor Demon known as Hy'nae happened upon his trail, and discovering his Accursed lineage, took personal offence to his existence. Demons are not meant to be caged in Raveen vessels, and Hy'nae was enraged at the idea of such a cursed being accepting their fate and having offspring with a mortal. She saw it as an affront against her, and saw Baluur's living, breathing, body as something that needed to be unmade.

A quick death would not be enough. He deserved to suffer, so she made him experience agony and helplessness. She took him apart mentally first; tearing through his mental defences with a swarm of spiritual demons that descended into his mind and tore him apart from the inside. Then she took him apart physically. Slowly tearing him limb from limb, but always making sure to keep him awake, aware, and physically toeing the line between life and death.

It was not over fast enough. Baluur's murder took days, with Hy'nae constantly moving them so they'd not be discovered or interrupted until she'd had her due. When at last there was nothing left to take from Baluur, she let him succumb to his wounds, and threw his body to a group of Teveserai Demons to consume (leaving no body behind, no proof of his death to be found).

Days later he awakened to his senses again. His body wandering in an area he'd never been before, with no knowledge of how he got there - just the lingering horrors of his death, and the darkness that did not want him. He feels like he died, and something denied him access to the afterlife.

His body is no longer the same. His fur is a different colour, the remnants of his bone-spikes and bone-wings are red. He's a different Element, a Purgatory. A type of undead Element that belongs to the Realm of the Dead, and is no longer watched over by Orcle's Order. Cursed to remember his previous life, and to never forget the way he died.

Those who can sense ghosts and dead things will feel odd in his presence. Their senses will tell them there's a ghost nearby.
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