SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideWild
Powers Mage-reading, Seer (Shadow Reading), Shadowmancy, Teleportation, Dragon Form, Shadow-Marked.
Notes The Belief Dimension was lost a number of millenia ago, when it was destroyed in the original Demon War. It was destroyed completely, with it's very essence being consumed by the Inner Dimension. Those who descend from the Belief Dimension, and Yinali's Order, grow fewer in number with each passing century, as bloodlines thin out or mixed-lines overtake them. Most Belief Dimensionals seek to survive without giving up their own loyalties, sticking to solitary lives, or making temporary bonds that can be broken on their terms.

As a Rune Kat he is a born Seer, as the gift of Sight is a dominant trait of his Element. His ability of Sight manifests itself in his ability to read the shadows of others. He can peer into the shadows that stretch out behind them, seeing glimpses into their Natures, Possible Futures, and the danger that hunts them. Sometimes these glimpses are simply known by him, other times he receives vivid visions of their possible futures (possible futures, because Choice can always change the pathways). He cannot read his own shadow.

All Belief Dimensionals are born with a Dragon Form. Whenever he is in danger he can shed his Raveen form, shifting into a 20ft black full-winged dragon with a long, curving neck, and a tail that ends in a sharpened arrowhead. While in this form he is protected by an armour of shadows that blocks any mystical or magical attack against him. Physical attacks from claw or tooth are useless against his dragon scales.

He has been Shadow-Marked, as he once glimpsed upon one of the mortal forms of the Great Evil. Since seeing Her, his eyes and body have been marked with blackened markings.
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