SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideWild
PowersMage-reading, Reality Alteration, Teleportation, Wingless Flight, Supernova Form, Unsettling Aura (affects all creatures not of Central blood), Cold Aura. Immunity to Cold. Does not require air/Does not breathe.
Notes She is a Cosmic Kat, an entity that can exist in places and worlds that other Elements and creatures would be unable to. She does not require food or water on a regular time scale, and can go months at a time without any kind of sustenance to sustain her.

As a Cosmic she has the power to alter the reality around herself; twisting it to hide herself or others away in pockets of non-existence. She can send threats away into these pockets, leaving them in vacuum of existence where others will be hard pressed to ever find them. Her Reality Alterations only exist in the world where she currently is; once she leaves to a different Dimension, Outrealm, or planet, the changes she made are undone.

She cannot change the look of reality, nor can she change the reality of what someone is. Her manipulations are solely focused on hiding or concealing things in reality.

Her Unsettling Aura will always make creatures not of Central Blood feel ill-at-ease in her presence. It doesn't matter how long they spend around her, this effect will never fade or become comfortable to experience. This Aura is always visible as a chilled pale blue mist that feels cold to everyone.

When feeling volatile, uncontrolled, emotions, she runs the risk of lighting herself on fire and taking on a Supernova Form. It takes a great deal of emotions to reach this stage, and once there, a Cosmic Kat loses all control of themselves. They burn, and then their energies explode, destroying anything and everything around them that did not have time to protect itself from the blast. Once the energy is tossed out, the Cosmic returns to their natural form, exhausted and barely conscious.

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