(Aggressor Demon)
Birth GroupNone
PowersMage-reading, Empathy (Can sense and manipulate emotions), Psychic Immunity (immune to Hypnosis and Thralls), True Sight Subversion (can trick True Sight users), Identity Theft (Permanent), Stolen Powers (Temporarily Gains the Powers/Abilities of the individual whose Identity she's stolen - the powers can only be used three times each before they're no longer usable. Cannot steal Magic Spells.)
Abilities ...
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Visage Demons belong to Reikouu's Legion, and a type of Aggressor Demon who survives off misery and the personal destruction of others. They're not physically strong, nor do they have any magics of their own that make them a powerhouse of a threat - but they have one ability that can literally destroy someone's life irreversibly. It's a power that cannot be blocked, and only those of Divine status or protections (Supreme Gods, Lower Gods, Greater Gods, Angelics, Servants of Nlaruune) are individuals she can't use her power on - not because it wouldn't work, but because the power would ricochet and Unmake her instead.

Visage Demons can steal the Identity of other sentient beings. Their power in this is Absolute and cannot be undone once it's cast. Those who have their Identity taken will find everyone in their life - everyone who has ever knew them - unable to recognize them at all. They become a stranger to those individuals, as the Visage takes their place in the memories of others. They never realize anything is different, or that anything has been changed, because their memories will tell them the Visage has always been the individual they've stolen.

The one who loses their Identity will be unable to convince others of who they are - or were. It's a sinister destruction of someone's life, and one that the victim can never undo the damage of. Most Visage Demons delight in seeing the struggle of their victims, in the days after they've had their Identity stolen, when they're thinking their loved ones are playing a cruel prank on them. While the victim remains aware of their past memories, they can never prove the truth of things to others who have forgotten them, as no one will believe them even when given proof.

Visage Demons often target individuals who make a personal slight against them, or those who seem too arrogant - too proud - in their accomplishments. But a Visage Demon only survives off the stolen energies of an Identity, and they require a minimum of one stolen Identity a year in order to survive. If they don't steal someone's life, they starve and cease to exist.

She is compatible with Raveen Kats, Bahlta Demons, Varishi, Merkanlos, and other Aggressor Demons of similar size.