SpeciesRaveen Kat
Birth PrideWild
AdvancementSlayer, Elemental Class (Air) - LV2
Hurricane Winds
Wind/Gravity Immunity
Immunity to Cold/Heat
Aeromancy (Slayer Training)
Slayer Magics Wind Currents - Increases the speed and agility of the Slayer to extreme levels, allowing them to move about the areas in a blur of movement.

Wind Change - Can be used to throw enemies from an area, or pull them closer into the battlefield. When used wisely can be used to pull enemies into the direct blast radius of an attack.

Gravity's Embrace - The force of gravity is made unbearable upon enemies and targets, causing them to be unable to move as air currents push them downwards, and crush them slowly.

Substance - Turns the Slayer into a current of air, effectively turning the Slayer invisible and temporarily removing it from the hazards of battle.

Electrical Frenzy - Causes an explosion of electrical currents to flood an area, electrocuting and paralyzing all enemies in an area, and killing the weaker ones instantly. Can be used to paralyze the corrupted creatures beyond the Border, but will only slow down Shade Warriors.

Impulse Shield - A static shield explodes around the Slayer, or a target ally, forcing enemies back a good ten feet and allowing the Slayer to regroup or cast another spell quickly.

Abyss Fire - Summons a hailing storm of black fire to rain down on the battlefield. The fires are so hot and deadly that any undead creature touched by the flames will find themselves alight with fire within seconds, their physical bodies melting and burning to ash. While Shade Warriors are able to withstand the flames, their surroundings will be turned volatile and any physical magics they try to use will sizzle and expire when touched by the black flames.

Spirit Engulf - Causes the Slayer's summoned fire to blaze with the fury of Spirit Flames, allowing for Spirit Damage to be done. Harmful to Shade Warriors, to the point where it can disable them so much that a single wound from silver can kill them afterwards.
OriginBattle Prides
Notes Hurricane Kats are a rarity, only appearing during certain times of year when their namesakes are most common on the Ice Plains. They're a wild force of nature, and their powers reflect the hazardous nature of their Element. While they have the power to create and alter air currents, it's a power that is wildly uncontrolled and can slip from their grasp easily. They can set out to summon a mild breeze and end up causing a deadly windstorm to erupt in an area. The air itself tends to react to their emotions too, which means they can create Hurricane Winds without even intending to. They're immune to the storm effects of their own power, but those around them are not. Trees can be easily uprooted, and Shrines or walls can easily be destroyed unintentionally.

Hurricane Kats try to avoid causing destruction, and often avoid situations that can cause them to feel scared or out of control. She didn't want to be controlled by her fear, and has tried to face - and overcome it - since she was young. She intends to be a valuable ally to those who would trust her, and not a liability that might get them killed.